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A science fair project. A fight with your BFF. A rogue kiss. And poof! You find yourself trappedin a mysterious, primitive past—without family, friends or TikTok. But the past can be a perilousplace for girls with brains . . . and magic devices that reveal a phantastic—and heretical—future.

Robin Stevens Payes, author of the Edge of Yesterday time travel adventure series and its immersive, interactive learning experience, has been inspiring readers with her tales of time travel, ingenuity and how stories can change the world since 2017. She’ll share that magic with you.

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You are so awesome!!!!! Loved Saving Time. I felt like I was in the presence of a genius! You go girl.
Debbie Phillips
Chief Engagement Officer & Adjunct Professor
We all agreed we
felt way smarter
after your talk.
Jodie Morgan
Sixth Grade Reading and Language Arts/ Seventh Grade Reading Teacher, St. Thomas More Cathedral School
Robin Payes is a passionate advocate for STEAM learning. Her Edge of Yesterday book series and interactive learning platform pioneers a new form of engaged ‘learning through story.
John Busbee
The Culture Buzz
About the Author

Robin Stevens Payes is a science writer, storyteller, and author of the teen time travel adventure series, Edge of Yesterday. Founder of EOY Media and creator of a interactive “learning through story” platform, EOY Media partners with schools and enrichment programs to offer internships, programs, classes and workshops geared to GenZ youth to learn through story: examining the past to reach for our more perfect future.